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Office hours

monday 12-14:00°
tuesday 10-12:00
wednesday 12-14:00
thursday 16-18:00°

Office hours marked with ° are open to all_no_gender persons. All others are only open to WLIT* Persons.


monday 17-19:00 
tuesday 14-17:00 
thursday 10-13:00

Introduction Summer 18

Dear WLTI*, dear queer_feminist interested,

we’re very excited to welcome you back! Like every year there is a new team with old and new ideas, approaches and priorities. And what a time it is: because of the debates surrounding #metoo or §219 society as a whole has to come to terms with feminist demands. Legally, there is going to be a third gender option. At the same time, it’s questionable how far to the right the so-called “social centre“ can drift. And the consequences of the AFD in the Bundestag aren’t clear yet, but surely they won’t be good. At the same time, fights on the left are getting more grim when emancipatory demands and a criticism of machismo, white supremacy and hegemonial masculinity are being dismissed as “identity politics“.
But don’t be discouraged by all that crap! We’re happy to empower each other and fight together!

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