Mon 16.10. 17   2pm – 5pm social

Thu 19.10.17   12am – 3pm social
Champagne reception

Mon 23.10. 17   4pm keynote
Trans* and Parenthood
– negotiation of normative concepts of family and gender°

Mon 30.10.17   6pm keynote
Sexual Variety and Gender Identity-
a topic for school?°


Wed 01.11. 17   1pm – 7 pm workshop
DJ*ing Workshop for beginners

Wed 01.11.17   starts 830pm party
WLIT*DJ*ing Party

Fri 10.11.17   9am – 2pm workshop

Sat 11.11.17   3pm – 6pm social
Fat clothes-trading party

Mon 13.11.17   6pm keynote
The socio-cultural construction of LGBTQ stigma within the African context as „unAfrican“ °

Sun 19.11.17   11am – 5pm sport
Wendo for beginners Course

Mon-Tue 20. -21.11.17 Election
FemRef Election und Plenary Assembly

Wed 22.11.17   3pm – 6pm social

Thu 30.11.17   6pm keynote
The Phantasma of „Gender-Craze“ – antifeminist conspiracy-theories°


Sat 02.12.17   9am – 1530pm Workshop
Argumentation training against Antifeminism and Backlash -Paroles

Wed 06.12.17   8pm performance
Thu 07.12.17

Thu 14.12.17   3-6pm social


Sat 13.01.18   11am – 430pm Workshop
Sun 14.01.18   1-5pm

Thu 18.01.18   6pm keynote
Playing Gender?°

Mon 22.01.18 2pm -5pm social
Baking crispy-sweet waffles

Sat-Sun 27. -28.01.18 10am workshop
Supporters* Empowerment, First Aid in an Emotional Crisis

Mi 31.01.18 130am – 330pm social
Queerfeminist Sauna visit

All events marked with • are open to all_no_gender persons. All other are for WLIT* persons only.

For most of our activities (workshops, presentations etc.) it’s necessary to apply reliably. That is because the activities can take place only if we have a certain number of participants. We cancel the workshop if there are not enough applications until one week before, so the referees know the score.        
Anyway, please ask on short notice in case you forgot to apply or in case you don’t have the possibility to apply reliably!
Mostly we have space left and totally appreciate if people turn up spontaneously.

Together with your application we ask you for a 5€ deposit (to be put in our letter box, which is fixed to the door of the FemRef office, or to be paid during opening hours of the office). If you are not able to give the deposit, we´ll find another solution. Please, come over to the office or write us an email.<br /> You get your 5€ deposit back when you come to the activity or if you cancel your application in time (via E-Mail or during the office opening hours) and of course if the activity is cancelled from our side. In those cases, you can pick up your deposit at the office as soon as possible.
Deposits that are not picked up will be donated in a great organization

We give our best to provide accessibility during all our activities and offers. If it is not possible, we make at least an indication. if you have special needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us beforehand via email or in person, in order for us to make sure that you can participate.

Many activities take place in the café FLIT*chen. This has an all_gender-welcome toilet, which is unfortunately NOT wheelchair accessible.

Food we prepare for workshops is basically vegan.

When you attend to a sport activity, you unfortunately will find only binary labeled changing rooms. All people should feel good in our activities and change in the changing room of exactly their choice. Instead of choosing a changing room, you can change in the room of the activity.

Programmebook WiSe 17/18

Our programmebook is available at our office, in the AStA and various other places. The programmebook is in german, all english informations are available on this website.
You can download the digital version of our programmebook here.