FLIT* – Donnerstags 20-21:30 – Café FLIT*chen
ab 27.04 bis 06.07. // Anmeldung bis 20.04

i‘m squid and i organize no future yoga. my yoga philosophy is simple-
it‘s for everyone. no matter your physical abilities, identity or hair color 😉 it‘s a moving meditation to develop a present moment awareness hence the name ‚no future yoga‘. i‘ve practiced for over ten years a variety of styles and am a constant self-educator. an important part of yoga is creating a safe space to become healthy in mind, body and self;
which is why femref is offering this class in a space recognized for such activities. for those outside of this community, i offer an open class for everyone at alhambra on tuesdays @17.
thanks for reading, see you on the mat!

(please bring your own stuff)

Der Kurs findet auf Englisch statt, es reichen aber geringe Sprachkenntnisse.